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The most obvious thing men expect from a marriage relationship is sex, and at least everybody knows that. But wait, even that blonde sex dolls can provide, so why do men marry anyway? Well, women understand that there are a lot apart from sex that your man wants. Naturally, men feel responsible for taking care of the family even if they are earning less than their women. In return, what they want is what most women fail to give. Are you interested to know what else your man wants? Keep reading.


While sex holds, lots of men still want to feel women’s love. A high-end male sex doll will give sexual pleasure, but not the kind of affection men need. Men consider physical intimacy very essential. They want to feel cared for, and you can always do this by massaging their shoulders, giving them a peak, holding their hands not only in private but public as well. This physical intimacy will also go as far as serving your man those dishes they love most, flirting with them, and even telling them you love them more often.

Making him the man

Nothing will win a man’s heart, like knowing his woman believes and recognizes his capabilities. Men want to feel protective and in charge. Let them know you acknowledge their skills and talents and always encourage them to keep fighting. To do this, you can let him order you food when you go out; you can iron his clothes and do a lot more that show your submissiveness to him.


Understanding cuts across. Everyone in a relationship wants to be understood. Your silicone sex doll can be beautiful and realistic; however, it does not talk, hear, nor understand issues and situations- a feature all men need. Real women will ‘listen’ and ‘understand.’

Highly emotional women need to learn the best ways to control their emotions – not to get the better of them. A misunderstanding has the potential to cause severe disputes that may be complex to deal with.

Less chatter

Women can be chatty at times; however, as a woman, you should know when your man needs your chats. Whey they are tired, busy, or not in the mood, that wouldn’t be the prime time to initiate conversations. Do not force it – it will be like you are bothering unnecessarily. Wait until they are up for it then continue. Meanwhile, you can engage in other things or chat with friends online.

Free Time

Everyone needs time to be alone. Your husband may be exhausted from work and so need free time to recollect, reconnect, and re-energize. As his woman, you should understand so and therefore avoid bothering them with questions and random chats. Also, during weekends, holidays, and other free days do not disturb their schedule with lots of your programs. Sometimes, they only need time to be alone for a moment.


If you can give your man all these without them requesting, then you can be the best woman they would want to spend with life. Some much there is that you can as well do to them; however, you can stick to these for a start. Be better than an adult love doll – do not be only a sex-machine.

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I snapped this during a free live web cam show at Adult Cam Chat. Never heard of them? Not a problem. I hadn’t either until a buddy of mine text me a link when my girlfriend and I broke up. Not having somebody to talk to or share sexual experiences with sucks ass. Thanks, bro!

I found this horny coed rubbing her pussy in a free show. Yes, I said it twice now, I am fully aware of my faculties. In fact, here it is again. This chick was masturbating in a free show!

No, I don’t have turrets. I am repeating myself because it seems amazing to me that a girl would give a free show. Why? I asked her and she said she likes rubbing her pussy and knowing there are hundreds of guys out there stroking their cocks wishing they could pop her cherry.

Looks can be deceiving, but I am pretty sure this girl is no virgin. I am also pretty sure banging her pussy would be a boatload of fun. She has one of those bodies that make sex feel like a day spa instead of an uphill climb. I bet she would even get on top and do all of the work while you man-handle her grabby boobies!

Tell I said hello!

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